List of online slots

Here are reviews of the most famous slots online. Get ready for a thrilling experience with this new list of online slots.

Free slots online! If you want to play the slots then you should first read this. Here you will find information on free spins, bonuses and where you can play slots without either register first or depositing money. Note that we always links to the highest bonuses and the best bonuses of any online casino as described. Also note that we only recommend safe casinos, and that we give players the opportunity to make their own assessments of sites they play on.

The number 13 is our lucky number. For that reason, we have picked the thirteen most outstanding online slots. See our suggestion on where to play, and come along and play with us.

#1. Mega Fortune

You may remember reading about the man / boy from Hordaland who won 92.4 million on a slot machine online? It was on the slot machine Mega Fortune! Here you can read our review of MegaFortune and players' own comments about this machine.

Take on the Mega Fortune slot machine you too!

There are several places you can play on Mega Fortune. The machine share a common jackpot of all places, so it's really "Fifty-fifty" where you play.

Another reason to choose just Betsson is that they give you 20 free spins on Mega Fortune and in addition a huge deposit bonus.

The best place to play on Mega Fortune is at MrGreen, as they offer a huge Mega Joker bonus once you've signed up.

#2.Jackpot 6000

Many have probably already played on this slot machine earlier! It is in fact a true copy of Jackpot2000 deployed in most grocery stores and convenience stores in Europe. Online version Jackpot6000 are identical, except that the benefits are much higher. Play Jackpot6000 here

Why Jackpot6000?

There are many slots to choose from online, so why choose exactly Jackpot 6000. For those who have fond memories of playing on this machine, the machine offers an equally small reminisce while. This is a good old classic!

Features that were in # 2000 are also the # 6000. He who knows the original machine know that the game starts with up to 10 coins per spin. If you win, you have four options to choose from:

  • Pay out winnings
  • Add the winnings to bankroll
  • Play for prize
  • Move money to Supermeter.

If you win money and decide to move to the Supermeter, simply press " Start". The money you win will be moved to the bar at the top that shows how much money you have to play for the " super mode ". In this MODIS costs spins now twice as much, but tilgjengjeld it so you can get as little as 2 jokers will be sufficient to overcome a gain of variable and random size.

We recommend that you play on Jackpot6000 at NordicBet that is £ 2000 to play when you deposit money. This is a 100 % welcome bonus and the maximum possible bonus a new player can get at NordicBet.

How much can you win at the slot?

As the name suggests Jackpot6000 you can win up to € 6,000 (about 44.000 billion) in just one spin. There are of course other slots where you can win much more but akkuratt this machine has said that a number of advantages, such as super mode where you can win substantial money with only 2 jokers.

Although maximum gain is "only" 6,000 euros, the probability of winning the top prize significantly greater than on other machines. Not enough that you can easily win here, but once you get the jackpot, it is also possible to get it several times right afterwards. This means that the maximum total profit you can win here is much more than 44.000 million.

Here you can play at Jackpot 6000:

* free spins applicable to other machines

#3. Devils Delight slot

Devils Delight is a devilish pleasure with some damn good surprises. A hell of a good game that you simply must try! Whoever sins here will be rewarded with cash sprinkle of Satan himself.

Pokie Devils Delight is a hell of a good machine!

Play Devils Delight here

This is a 5 -reel 20-line video slot machine with exciting bonuses. You can try a free version of the machine in any casino listed below.

Machine you can collect bonus rounds, and as you play, your " sin - meter" go up. You sin -Meter is full, go further into a game called sin- spins, where there are other satanic symbols and other prizes. When you play the Devil 's Delights -spin is the way Guaranteed to win.

We recommend that you play it on NordicBet where you get 10 free spins on Devils Delight. In addition, you get a 200 % welcome bonus up to 2.000 million

Worth knowing about Devils Delight:

Wild symbols on the slot machine

Expanding Wild-symbols on the machine, which is represented by the Devil himself. As you know, then a wild symbol substitutes for other symbols to form a winning combination (as joker card in some card games). When you get a wild symbol Devils Delight will cover the entire reel so that the entire area is covered with wild symbols.

Free Spins:It is possible to obtain free spins on the slot.

One of the most popular Net Ent slot machinesDevils Delight is one of the best-loved slots online, and one of the Net entertaimnent most popular ever, one can see from statistics on their website.

Graphics and entertainment value on Devils Delight is very good. They have vibrant animations and sounds that make this a unique and span end gaming experience.

Win 200,000 coinswith coin values ​​at € 0.5, which means that the cap is € 100,000 (about 750,000 million).

Here you will find Devils Delight

There are several places online you can play on this machine, you can find links to these pages below. As I said, it is thus NordicBet is the best choice, but the conclusion should be allowed to reach self Compare bonuses and offers below and you'll see why NordicBet is the best option to play the Devils Delight...

These pages Devils Delight slot:

#4. Joker 8000

Joker 8000 is inspired by the slots that was found in kiosks in Europe in the 90s. Here you have a typical slot machine with regular slot symbols such as watermelons, lemons and royal crown. This is a Microgaming slot.

This is a Microgaming slot, and differs both in appearance and under posturally from NetEnt slots which is a strong competitor. Microgaming is behind a number of popular online slots, such as the Mega Jackpot.

Play Joker8000 at Spin Palace and receive up to € 1000 on first deposit. This is the top bonus given to new players at Spin Palace. Many links to lower bonuses in this casino, but we always links to the best bonuses

You can double your winnings by pulling the red or black card. The machine also has a super meter with double input.

Jackpot 8000, you'll meet other jokers on magic, and it's always a fun surprise when they pop up. You can then get a profit from anything between € 20 and up to € 8,000. If you get 3 wild cards when you use Supermeter will win three mysterious gains, which usually revolves around a larger sum of money.

Joker 8000 is a classic slot machine with familiar symbols such as lemons, vannmelomer, cherry and [ BAR ] symbol. The highest win you, however when you get a royal crown, where you get € 100 per line you play on. The machine is not the prettiest, but the entertainment value and the nostalgia of playing here mean there is fun. Here you can play for hours without getting bored.

Simply by gains can either choose to pay your money, you can play on for those, or you can add them Supermeter where you get the chance to win even bigger prizes.

Here you can play the Joker 8000:

The above bonuses are deposit bonuses, all 100 % match bonus! We always links to the highest bonuses available online. In the aforementioned casino you can play the joker 8000.

#5. MegaJoker

Mega Joker is a great game, one of the most popular among online players currently. Here are tips on how you can play Mega Joker. Read more and find out where to get the best Mega Joker bonus!

Mega Joker you can win a progressive jackpot, and the size of the jackpot will quickly reach a value of several hundred thousand dollars.

Get 20 free spins on Mega Joker

How much you are able to overcome appears on the machine at all times. You must have 3 jokers on the same payline to win the jackpot.

Mega Joker reminds very much about the machines that were deployed in most grocery stores in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Although it is not a true copy as Jackpot600, it is at least a slot that very much resembles it. Mega Joker is one of our favorite machines! The sounds, buttons and functions are identical to the machines they had in the original slots.

Play Mega Joker on MrGreen:

We recommend MrGreen to anyone who wants to play Mega Joker. MrGreen provides namely 20 free spins, and is the only organization that has akkuratt this offer.

On top of free games you also get up to 3000 million in bonus when you deposit money in MrGreen

Go to MrGreen and get 20 free games Mega Joker + in addition to a bonus of 3000 €!

As mentioned you need to get 3 jokers on the payline. To get to Supermeter must first win the prizes as usual. When you win money then you can instead of paying out money choose to transfer your winnings to Supermeter. The advantage of games in Supermeter is that you can play with higher stakes, and thus win more.

Mega Joker is NOT one of these "million-slot machines " where you can get rich quick scheme. You 're not going to win millions than you can use during the life of the Mega Joker, but if nothing else yet a nice profit that can give you an extra luxurious life for a while.

#6. Gonzos Quest online slot

Gonzo's Quest is a game about Gonzalo Pizarro was a Spanish conqueror. Gonzalo Pizarro led an expedition from 1540 to 1542 who searched for the mythical golden city of El Dorado. Join us for a rare historical journey in this amazing video slot.

Gonzo's Quest is a fantastic video slot with a great story about the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro. This is an automatic rare experience, and one of the reason why we have chosen to highlight just this machine as one of the most spectacular slot machines online right now.

20 free spins on Gonzo's Quest

The best place to find Gonzo's Quest is in our opinion no doubt Casumo. This is because Casumo " adventure Casino " online. On Casumo win not only money but also trophies and valuable treasures, and for every spin or gaming, you collect points.

Casumo 's not about quantity in number of games. Although they have over a hundred games to choose from, they also focused on the quality of their games, and Gonzo's Quest is one of the crown jewels in the casino.

Casumo gives you 20 free spins and an additional bonus of up to € 400 There is a good deal, but the offer will not last forever, so you should take advantage of these free spins before the offer is changed

Get € 400 + 20 free spins with Casumo

This slot machine is based on a very exciting historic event. Gonzo's Quest is based namely on the story of Gonzalo Pizzaro theme. Pizzaro was a Spanish conquistador (from Spanish and means conqueror). Conquistador is the term for explorers and adventurers who leave America and Asia under Spanish rule in the 1500s until the 1700s.

Gonzalo Pizarro led an expedition from 1540 to 1542 who searched for the mythical golden city of El Dorado. Gonzalo revolted by his brother Francisco died, and was then sentenced to death for høyforæderi and tyranny. Gonzalo was eventually halsugd in Peru 9 April 1548

Although you now know the story behind the machine, so we will not reveal the most intriguing details for you, you become more familiar with Gonzo in his o -store " Quest " through this great slot machine! Just have to try!

This is a Net Entertainment (NetEnt) machine. As you may know, NetEnt a Swedish gaming company that has developed some of the most legendary slots online, and Gonzo's Quest is in our opinion one of the very best.

Experience Gonzo's Quest in 3D! Yes, you read correctly: Gonzo's Quest is a 3D machine, and the first in the world of its kind. A truly unique experience to play on these machines. You do certainly not 3d glasses or other advanced equip ment to experience the great good graphics on this slot machine.

This is a game where you can expect frequent free spins inside the game. In good adventurer - style units are no longer free spin here, but " Free Fall ". When you play with your own money, this is always a nice free bonus.

Many machines are very similar, and most are almost as replicas of each other, but with some small changes in functionality or graphics. Gonzo's Quest represents something completely new, and slot machine that really gave impetus to the revolution with creative machines that have really made ​​it much more exciting to automate player.

Play on Gonzo Quest here:

* it is only Casumo with free spins on Gonzo's Quest!

#7. JackHammer slot

Jackhammer game is a good game with sticky win opportunities where you can accumulate your winnings. Win up to 250,000 coins in one round. We show you how you can play Jack Hammer, and a list of bonuses for this machine.

Jack Hammer is an exciting game. Here we follow the private detective Jack Hammer who hunt for the biggest gains.

Dispenser has been named "Jack Hammer vs Evil Dr.Wüten" and was developed by Net Entertainment which in our opinion provides the best online slots. You can win up to 250,000 coins in one round!

The good thing with Jack Hammer slot machine is that you can use "Sticky Win" so that you can accumulate every gain so they always get bigger.

Where can play Jackhammer:

The best place to play Jackhammer is NordicBet, for here is the only place you get a bonus that can be used in just this machine: Play ComeOn and get a huge exclusive Jackhammer bonus.

#8. Hall of Gods online slot

Hall of Gods is one of the really big machines on the network, if we look at the opportunity to win a lot of money. If you win the jackpot here, you never have financial worries again.

Hall of Gods is 5 reels and 20 paylines and features that you can choose yourself, such as free spins, wild symbols, scatters and always a huge jackpot

Best place to play at the Hall of Gods?

We will suggest you play on Betsson, because this is where all big winners go to play on Hall of Gods. Another reason why we feel that Betsson is a proper place to play on Hall of Gods, is that they provide a huge exclusive slot bonus + 20 spins free on their slot machines. You get free spins with no deposit, but the bonus is not the worst either (remember to put money shortly after registration to get this bonus).

#9. Super Lucky Frog

Super Lucky Frog is an adventure game from Net Entertainment, and has been one of the most popular slots in recent years, perhaps especially after the story of all the lucky wins on this slot.

Best place to play at Super Lucky Frog:

We recommend Casumo when playing the Super Lucky Frog, as it is good place to start when you play on machines like this, as they are the adventure casino online, and specializes in gaming experience that gives you more than just the ability to win money - but also focuses on quality games like Super Lucky Frog.

Jackpots and prizes at Super Lucky Frog:

There are progressive jackpots on the Super Lucky Frog. The machine has not only one jackpot, but three jackpots grow any bigger: Super, Jacky and Froggy is the name of the jackpots and super jackpot going fast over one hundred thousand dollars.

To win you must have 3 bonus frogs on the payline. Once you have it, you can win jackpot prizes. The bonus round takes place on a wheel of fortune where the goal is to hit the right field.

You can win 30 free spins as you start playing with real money. These free spin prizes you can obviously win as many times as you can and there are no limitations. Free rounds also have relatively high premiums.

#10. Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights has 10 paylines and a maximum bet of € 5 for each spin. The machine offers may not be the most revolutionary in animation, but is still an incredibly entertaining machine, especially considering the big jackpots.

Arabian Nights has 10 paylines and a maximum bet of € 5 for each spin. Although the machine does not offer revolutionary animations or the most entertaining game terms, so it is a super jackpot slot.

Play Arabian Nights at MrGreen and get a huge exclusive bonus on your first deposit. In addition, you get 20 free spins!

How much you can win the jackpot varies, depending on how long ago the last time someone won the jackpot. Nevertheless, it is usually a peak gain of several million here. In other words, the Arabian Nights a vending machine that you can get rich, literally.

Play with real money to win here. It does not have to play with demo money and it would have been the extra pity if you had won big with demo money. We usually advise people to never enter a lottery number without delivering it, and the same must be said of the slots as this: If you play here, so play with real money. It is difficult to forgive themselves if they were to win big, and so you get no prize because you only played with play money.

Arabian Nights has a progressive jackpot that you win by getting 5 Arabs on the same payline. You will win a lot of money. Although it is possible to win many other great prizes here too. The machine has scatters, free spins and wild symbols so that you can achieve great gains as you play.

#11. Slotfather the mafia slot

Slotfather is a gangster-themed slot game with symbols and effects in good old-fashioned mafia-style. This machine is fun to play. Find out where to get the best play bonuses on this machine here.

Slotfather best enjoyed at MrGreen which provides 3,000 million in bonuses to anyone who appreciates the corresponding amount of his betting account. Moreover, anyone who plays 20 free spins regardless of whether they make money or not. MrGreen is therefore the place to play for whoever wants to play Slotfather machine.

This slot machine has several bonus features inspired by the very mob. In the good old gangster style you can play and win a lot of money on this machine.

A total 30 paylines in many different directions. Payments are therefore in a row here and winning opportunities are greater than in most other machines.

Animation here is also fun and entertainment value here is fantastic. Many fun effects and symbols are inspired by old gangster movies.

Do you have the option of free spins, and it is possible to win up to 20 free spins. This is a machine that you can play for hours and still having fun.

#12. Lucky 8 Line

Lucky 8 Line is a classic slot machine with 8 pay lines. It is well-known symbols, which are typical slot machine symbols watermelons, 7s and bells. Those who want a classic machine experience find exactly this here.

Lucky 8 Line can be found at Unibet. This is one of the most popular slot machines, but also one of the absolute easiest to play.

This is a classic slot machine with 8 pay lines with familiar symbols such as watermelons, 7s and bells - just like a real classic machine should be. You can win prizes in all directions.

Play Lucky 8 Line here

Difference at Lucky 8 Line and other slot machines is that here is paylines in all directions. There are 9 spots for icons in total, each of which has its own payout reel. In total there are 8 lines and therefore it can be wagered 8 coins each, hence the name Lucky 8 Line.

The maximum bet is 64 coins for every spin. It is thus possible to win great prizes if you hit correctly. The symbol's value is 7-shoulder, and you get three 7s on the same payline, you will win 200 times the bet. It goes without saying that when you can win large sums of money, but it is not only 7s which gives good returns: Many other symbols are also valuable at Lucky 8 Line.

In addition to all this, Lucky 8 Line a bonus feature. This can be achieved at any time during the game and you could win an additional prize.

If you're looking for a classic online slots, this machine is the right choice.

#13. Evolution online slot

The slot machine Evolution joins the ranks of the great Net Entertainment video slot machines. This is a 5-reel, 25 pay lines, bet level from 1 to 10

Evolution game is an innovative launch from Net Entertainment. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, you have here a lot of opportunities to win. Intermediate level is from 1 to 10.

Games on Evolution here

Evolution has everything you would expect of a modern game, such as free spins, scatter and wild symbols. In addition, the distinctive evolution function which we shall mention below.

Use the " maximum effort" to start the game with the maximum number of paylines. Use the " autoplay " if you would like to play the numbers game that is selected.

Evolution takes you to the beginning of life on earth. This is a machine with a rare atmosphere that you can play for hours without having to get bored. We'll see a meteorite at the very beginning of the game, which plunge into the sea and disappear into the darkness. Then pop the peculiar evolutionary signs up on the wheels of machine.

You have 10 coins per line, each coin has value from 0.01 to 0.50 euros. This means that the maximum gain per spin is € 125 Lite you might think, but Probability of winning here is really great. Compared with jackpot machines with winnings million class. Also, why not win many times shortly after each other, so that you can come up in a pretty tidy sum at the end.

Evolution game is a visual experience of the ordinary, and the sounds are also an important part of the game. Turn it up and let yourself be enchanted by a rare and wonderful machine experience online. Every time you win money here, you will be presented with some great effects, which makes it extra fun to win.

Free Gamewins the Evolution, you get 3 or more free spin symbols, no matter what position they are in. You can then play away on the house without special play requirements.

Evolution Featureworks so that you can constantly win bigger prizes as symbols go through one evolutionary phase: You read that right: The Evolution is not static symbols, but they change gradually!

This is a machine you can play a lot and drift away completely. Evolution is a great machine that really recommended to try. Try playing the slot machine now using one of the proposed sites.

How to win money at online slots

It is possible to win millions of dollars on slots online. Here we look at what odds you have to accomplish just that. We look at the machines that have the biggest prizes, and where it pays to play to win the most money.

There are many machines on the network that have very large jackpots.

When you read in the news about people who have won a lot of online casino, then the cause is almost always about slot machines on the internet.

Most machines with huge jackpots are structured so that players from several different online casino play for the same jackpot. This means that the main benefits can be extremely large, in many cases tens of millions of dollars.

How to increase your chances of winning at slot machines

What is the advantage of playing the slots at the online casino is that you can get big bonuses, so make your money last much longer than in state lotteries.

If you take advantage of all Bonsu we have in our great slot bonuses you will get much more money to play for. This is because many casinos give you 100% bonus on deposit.

In addition to good bonuses, there is another advantage to play online slots, repayment percentage in online casino is very good, often from 95 % to as much as 98.5 %, which means that most of the effort goes back to the players. In comparison, state lotteries often a payback of around 50 percent, which is of course much worse.

We love the online slots in this list!

We love these slots, and now you can love them too! We usually don't win much on slots, but these slots are different. Want us to love you?? Play with us, if you love the slots you will love us and we will love you. We. Love. You. Get it? Or just forget it.

Play and be happy. The slots in this list rule.

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