History of slots

The slot has an interesting historical background. Here we follow the automatic game dating back to the Wild West, to the glory days of penny machine, to automate bans around the world, and to this day where online slots is popular as never before.

Slot machines deployed at stores is history. One man's death is the other's bread, and today the machines on the Internet taken over. Online slots are more spectacular, the bigger gains and better repayment interests.

Slots available today originate from the U.S., where they were developed in the late 1800s.

Machines based on poker

Slot machines were originally based on poker, and then it is perhaps not surprising that the slot game Video poker is closely related to common slots, although there are considerable differences. Video Poker is one of the newest casino games, and differs significantly from the usual slot machines that the strategy can greatly determine profit and gains.

The original slot machines were 5 wheels, each wheel had all the 52 cards are also available in poker. The wheel can rotate the player by inserting coins. The gain in "old western" was like whiskey or beer.

World's first automatsiek game was Money Honey, and was launched in 1964. It was not long before they became popular in Las Vegas.

Machines on the network have a much higher payback, in some cases up to 96 %, and video poker can be over 100 % for players with effective strategies (ie possible net gain even after extended play).

Slots on the internet is the best!

Find no physical machines corresponding to the potential and diversity you find in online slots.

It is beyond doubt that the slots online is better. You get big bonuses just for signing up as a player to deposit money. So when you start playing, you have twice as much as regular slots.

In addition, there are many online gambling operators that give away free games (free spin) where you can play slots without risk, and if you win, you keep the winnings. This is very good offer that it is wise to use: You risk nothing and can literally win tens of million

Major gains possibilities slots online

In recent years we have really confirmed how profitable it can be to win at slot machines in some cases, these have been discussed many times at OnlineCasinoWatchdogs.com.

In addition, there are thousands of other gains where players win good money. Right now there are many different machines you can play on the Internet, and many of these have big proggresive jackpots.

Next time it might be YOU who wins the big jackpot?

Free spins on slots

Competition online has become big. Many of the very best online casinos give away free spins to new players. This is completely risk free, and yet you get the chance to win money

If you put your own money in addition you will usually get deposit bonuses, where you can get doubling your first deposit up to a certain level.

You can try right now without risk - and also get the chance to win real money. The only thing you need to do is to make use of some of the opportunities where you get Free Spins to play for.

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