Review of poker sites

Here's reviews of the most famous poker sites online. We're lazy today, so we're just going to write about all poker sites we know about in this one-page article. Bare with us.

Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker belongs to the Microgaming network. They have features such as detailed player history and statistics, and enjoys the confidence among online players.

Unibet Poker is a poker client related Microgaming network, with many specialties that you will not find elsewhere, at least not with the same agent. You can play through your browser without having to download any program or possibly you can download their poker client for a better playing experience.

During the game you can lead spilllernotater directly on the screen in Unibet's own interface, this is actually a very useful feature once you get used to using it, and can give you a small but important advantage. Player history is also valuable, especially if the IRS wants to control you, then you have all the documentation in one place, quickly and easily! In addition, there are excellent opportunities to view detailed statistics about you so desire.

Unibet review

  • Good reputation
  • Player notes and player history
  • Detailed statistics
  • Located Microgaming network
  • Local languages
  • Graphics are not very advanced (but plus the fact that it is simple and straightforward)
  • Not the largest number of poker players (< 100,000)

Guide to playing poker at Unibet

It is easy to start playing poker at Unibet. All you need to do is download the Unibet poker client with Unibet (click on the link, you'll get while the best poker bonus that is obtainable on the market).

Using the link above, and after you have downloaded the software, select your poker alias, and follow the instructions on the screen to start playing. You can see other players even before you sign up, all you need to do is download the application (to register go to " File " menu in the lobby).

Betway Poker

Betway Poker has a generous bonus and a wide array of languages and local support. With software from Micro Gaming, you always have a great variety of games and tournaments to choose from.

Betway Poker is definitely one of the better poker rooms online. They are established in Malta and subject to control by the Gaming Board there.

Uses software from Microgaming and is thus a part of this giant poker network at any given time, over 10,000 active players.

Whether you want to play a quick cash game or participate in an online tournament, you have options here. A wide range of games which are not limited only to poker, but casino, betting, odds, and games.

If you use the links on the Square Poker you get the best bonuses. Do not miss the welcome bonus of up to 7500 dollars. The bonus applies up to 200 % match, which means that if you deposit 7500 dollars, so they will match this amount so that your player account shows 15,000 Dollars! Very few (if any) poker room has a large and good bonus like this. Performance requirements are also affordable, you can read more about it at Betway.

Why play poker with Betway

  • Generous £ 7500 bonus
  • Local languages and local support
  • In the world of Sit & Gos
  • Win trips to famous tournaments
  • Good winning
  • Access for players from very many countries
  • Many Scandinavian participants
  • Good payment
  • Support only from 8:00 to 1:00
  • No rakeback, but loyalty program

Betway is a favorite among online poker players

Betway can do more than just play poker. For example, read the diary of Betway pro as he gambles his way through some of the biggest jackpots in the world (spennende!). Also try to play poker on the anonymous tables, and follow poker game back to its roots.

Betway is all in all a great poker service, with perhaps the best bonus in the world for online poker players. It's almost silly not to take advantage of this chance, because you never know how long they will maintain such a giant bonus.

Click here to play poker at Betway

Nordicbet Poker

Nordicbet their poker are using the Microgaming network, and rake at Nordicbet poker is far from greedy, in fact they are offering one of the best rakes on the market. Here you play in other words cheap and it is the players themselves who runs away with things were in the pot.

All tables with blinds of € 0.05 USD / € $ 0.10 and up have a rake per pot for 2 € $ 0.01 per € 0.20 USD and the maximum rake of $ 1 € At 3 to 10 players rake in € $ 0.01 per € 0.20 USD and the maximum € $ 3 All tables under € $ 0.05 / € 0.10 U.S. dollars have a rake per pot at $ 0.01 per € € $ 0.10, and the maximum rake is € 0.10 USD (2-10 players).

Nordicbet Poker offers local languages and customer support. They have a favorable rake, and here it is easy to fish. Part of the Microgaming network.

Assessment of NordicBet Poker

  • Great money rake
  • Easy to fishing
  • Safe and good software
  • Local languages and support
  • Lite cheating among players. Random uteling short checked every month by eCOGRA
  • Not the best graphics.
  • They had a bad reputation regarding tournaments that "clicked" (in 2006) but this problem was fixed quickly, does not exist anymore. Any bad review you read about them might be caused by this episode, which is irrelevant today.

How to play poker at NordicBet

Playing poker at NordicBet must naturally create an account first. It's pretty simple.

Start by visiting the Nordicbet homepage and select the section of poker. Register an account and deposit your poker bankroll.

Instructions in the registration process is so far so manage to follow that it would be unnecessary with some further explanation here. If you still have questions, you can contact and you're usually answer quickly, usually after 5-20 minutes.

Betsson Poker

Betsson Poker belongs to the Ongame network and has a large number of poker players.

Betsson Poker is part of the Ongame poker network, and it offers a number of advantages. Large player base and good " fishing " makes it easy to pick trivial as stealing candy from babies. Are you hungry for millions of account, there is always the possibility to scrape together nice gains from a large number of tournaments.

As you probably know much more than Betsson poker. Here you will find a cracking casino, betting, odds, games and fun.

There is always something exciting going on in the poker department at Betsson. Win great rides, access to exclusive land-based poker tournaments all over the world, and in all, get the feeling of living life like a real poker pro

Reasons for and against playing poker at Betsson

  • Scandinavia's best tournaments
  • Good poker client
  • Mobile Poker
  • Find Campaigns
  • Choose from 2 poker
  • Hand History readily available
  • No rakeback, but have player points
  • Graphics -wise, they are not exactly world class

Most respected gaming company in the world?

Few games companies have succeeded in building the confidence of their players to the extent that Betsson, largely because they have a good range of games and that they treat their players on an unusually fair way.

It is easy to deposit money at Betsson and last time we tried it was still possible to use credit cards. You can also deposit money via an e -wallet.

Remember that if you use our links here on Poker Square, so you always get the best bonuses that are available on the market. Get the best Betsson Poker Bonus

Expekt Poker

Expekt Poker belongs to the iPoker network.

Expekt is probably best known for being a bookmaker, but they also have a casino and a pretty good poker. Their poker client is from Playtech and is part of the iPoker network. If you have previous experience of Playtech have to forget this, for today's software appears in a new guise, it is fast and with good graphics and is better than ever.

Bonus is very good. If you deposit money and play a lot, you can expect better bonuses than what is stated on the website. All players receive up to $ 1,000 Welcome Freeroll. To get this you must open an account with Expekt and make your first deposit.

At Expekt you can play including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 5 and 7 card stud, as well as tournaments and no limit.

Why should you play poker at Expekt

  • Freerolls for new players
  • Entertaining game
  • Fast and good software
  • Local languages and support
  • Part of the iPoker network
  • Get High Rollers
  • Many "fish"

Betsafe Poker

Betsafe Poker part of Ongame Network and many poker players. They have one of the largest poker bonuses.

Betsafe Poker is that you probably know more than one poker site. Here you poker, casino, betting and games - all in the same package. Betsafe are members of the Ongame network, which is known to be good in both cash games and tournament play.

Good Reasons to Play at Betsafe

  • Up to $ 2,000 in bonus
  • Low wagering requirements of the bonus
  • Part of the OnGame network
  • Good at both tournaments and cash games
  • Easy to deposit and cash out money
  • Flash poker is not available
  • Many alluring game offers. Actually no disadvantage, but with so many good games, even poker players to constantly be tempted to try other games.

CasinoEuro Poker

Poker at CasinoEuro is powered by the Ongame network, this poker is in a class by itself. They have been online since 2000, and is like a dinosaur to work in poker context. Besides poker, they are also big on casinos, slots, keno and table games.

While casino games are flash based and can be played via your browser, please download a poker client software (a poker program) to play poker at Casino Euro. Casino Euro is the largest gaming company in Europe, and is headquartered in Malta.

Review of CasinoEuro's poker services

  • Good downloadable poker client
  • Play in Browser (Java)
  • Good monthly bonuses
  • Safe and secure in use
  • European Champion in tournaments
  • VIP program with loyalty bonuses
  • Easy to register your account
  • Money Transfer is easy
  • Flash poker is not available (but Java)
  • Relatively low deposit bonus
  • Only 3 poker variants (Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha)

More information about Casino Euro

Is Betsson Malta Ltd which operates CasinoEuro. They have over 40 years of experience from gaming services and know what they are doing. It is not without reason that they have built some of the best gaming companies in the world and has been so great confidence in his players. Betsson Malta Ltd.. is a subsidiary of Betsson AB, a Swedish company.

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