Poker Dictionary: Words and phrases in online poker

Our poker dictionary is a mini-encyclopedia of common terminology in poker.

Are you wondering what is the difference between the big blind and small blind, or the meaning behind words such as flop, freerolls or kicker? Take a look at this free dictionary for answers.

The players must put in the pot before the cards are dealt. Often used instead of blind ante.

All -In
Once you bet everything! Do you go all- in means that you bet all the money / chips in the current hand.

Bad Beat
Winning with short only on luck.

Big Blind / Big Blind
Similarly as big as what you have to bet to be a part of a flop.

amount you must bet to at all get cards. Only two players must contribute blind.

Robot, which is a program used to improve the odds of a player. It is illegal to use the bot is, and if it is discovered you could risk expulsion and punished by not getting the money in the account.

Bottom Pair / bottom pair
The pair with the lowest card on the bottom.

Burn / Burn
Remove the top card in the deck, only appropriate in offline poker to avoid that players will count for counting cards.

In tournaments you may pay to take part, and then it's a buy-in is the amount you must pay. If it says $ 50 +3 means that $ 50 goes into the pot, and $ 3 goes to the house (poker company).

Call (call)
You bet that is the same as the previous player. The alternative is to raise, or fold.

Most poker rooms have chat option for support (text based communication), but also chatting with other players.

To not bet anything. If you have large blind and if nobody raises, you may check since you have already contributed money to the pot already.

Check - Raise
To raise after another player has bet. One strategy you should be careful, especially if one is not excessive in poker.

Dead Money
Use the money to a player with very few chips in tournament play, because he has no chance of winning.

A hand that currently have no value, but if the right cards are on the table, it can be a good hand.

Fast Play
Playing aggressively pursue much.

Fishing, Fish / Fish
A fish is a player who is not good (or just plain bad) and that by attending virtually giving away their money to the better players. Mediocre players can fish for bad players to make money, while good players can fish for players who are less good than them.

Flop / flop
The three first cards face up on the table and the stove is placed in the pot.

To fold, fold.

Free tournaments. Offered by a number of poker rooms, see for example the poker room that is recommended at our site.

Heads -Up
Two players competing for the same pot.

House / house
poker room or poker company that you play at is called the house.

Bonus awarded in those cases you lose an exceptionally good hand.

Your King and 6 and your opponent has king and 4, then you win you because you had the highest card, ie 6

Micro -Limits
Suitable for beginners who want to learn poker using real money, but without losing significantly of money. Here is only small limits that, and exists virtually only in poker.

Oh, do not show your hand when you lose or folds. In land-based tournaments, it is common to pay a player to ask to see what cards are folded.

No- Limit
On the table where you can bet as much as you want. Abbreviations often with only NL.

One - Gap
A first hand consisting of two cards with one card between, for example, if you are awarded 3 and 5, or J and K.

Pocket Pair
the first two Korean brushes you get a card in the pair.

Pot Limit
Where there is one set minimum limit on your investment at a pot limit of $ 10 / $ 20, for example, $ 10 in the first round, and $ 20 in the final round.

When the flop has three different cards, that can make it impossible to achieve a flush.

The sum of the pot house (poker room) takes. It is the rake is the largest source of online poker companies. In some buy-in tournaments, however, exemption rake.

The 5th and the last card on the table is called the river, or even 5 street, or fifth street.

Tournaments where you do not win money, but where you get a seat in the main event instead.

Semi -bluff
Is not really fake. You bluffs " little ", you might say. Used in cases where you have some potentially good cards, if the right cards are on the table. For example, if you have King and Ace, which in itself has a value other than as a kicker, but that can give you example, a royal flush or a high pair or two if the right cards are on the table.

When viewing the cards to see who wins.

Split Pot
If two players have equally good hand, the pot is split between them.

To make themselves dumber than you are, for example, by bluffing on the most idiotic point, or bet big on bad hands. Used to manipulate partners to give a different impression of player than what is actually the case. Are you looking to fish, you may be affected by this, some tilts up and then it turns out that it is actually you who is the fish.

fourth card on the table. Also called 4th street.

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