How to play poker online

In the first part of our Poker School we will look at how to play poker. Here you get all the information needed to get started playing and giving you the chance to win money.

Poker School - Part 1We 'll teach you how to get started, we'll go through the poker sites that are relevant for online players, and we'll look at the poker rules and the strategies that are best for winning.

Create an account at a poker service

The very first thing you need to do to play poker on the internet is to create an account. You can of course choose to play poker on Facebook or similar free poker game, but you can not play for money.

We recommend that you start with a real poker service, where you have the opportunity to play with real money. These services are not only fun, but you also get the chance to win real money.

Best poker sites for players that are interested in WINNING cash in poker:

  • Unibet Poker - poker - favorite for many online players around the world.
  • Betssafe Poker - very good poker service and a huge poker bonus.
  • Betway Poker- the Mecca for poker players, now with a huge welcome bonus to all new players.
  • Betsson Poker - good on tournaments, very popular for poker players in European countries.

All services mentioned above are safe to play on. There are various gaming companies online, and not everyone is to be trusted. If you choose one from the list above, however, we guarantee that you choose a safe and serious player.

Create an account on one of the above services. You can then play poker for fun money. If you want to play to win real money, you must first deposit money into your account at game company.

If you create accounts with multiple game players, we recommend that you choose a unique username and password with each one. This is for your own safety.

Installing a poker software or play in your browser?

When you play poker online you have two options. You can either play through your browser (the program you are using to view this page you are reading right now), or you can install your own poker client.

Advantage to play directly through the browser is that you avoid to download a program and install it. It is certainly not difficult to install a poker client, and long does it either.

Simply by installing a poker client you are usually a better gaming experience, and the graphics are usually much better. For most it will be most appropriate to install the poker client.

Many fear viruses and spyware by downloading software on the internet, and this is the highest no one should be wary of. However, we are quite confident that the above companies offer poker clients are free of viruses and spyware. This is something we know, but if you do not feel safe, you always have the option to just play through the browser (you do not have it to download any poker client).

Play poker on your cell phone: In addition to playing through the browser or a poker client on your computer, is also a third possibility: games via mobile phone. Those with modern mobile phones with big screens to enjoy playing poker via mobile phone.

Playing cash games or poker tournaments?

You can at most poker services to choose between two types of categories. Whether you play simple game where you " sit down " at a poker table and start playing. Alternatively, you can participate in an online poker tournament.

If you play at a single table (called cash games or ring games) so be aware that all is not open to everyone. A single table is closed and considered private games, while others are open and all players can participate. For each table you can see what's commitment level and how many players are allowed, and you see if they are playing for real money or play money.

In tournament play, it is mainly three types of tournaments. You Scheduled turnament, which is usually the biggest tournaments and thousands of participants can play simultaneously. Here it is possible to make a lot of money if you join at the top. Another tournament form, Sit & Go, this is the single table tournaments starting right away it sits a player on each chair. In addition, private tournaments, organized by the players themselves.

Now you can start playing poker

Have you decided which poker service to use? If not, see the list further up where we have listed the safe and serious players with a range of games available for online players.

You choose whether to play a single game or a tournament, sombeskrevet in the previous section. Then click here to go to a table. Some gaming services allow you look at the poker game and jump in along the way, while other games have to be involved from the start.

Small talk around the poker table

Poker is known to be fun. Players can talk about their feelings about it. Typical online language involves a number of abbreviations. If you are not sure what an abbreviation means, there is no shame in asking. Common abbreviations in the chat at online poker

Nh = Nice hand
VNH = Very nice hand
GG = Good game
Gb = Good bet / good bluff
Nb = Nice bit / nice bluff
TXS = Thanks

How do online poker companies make money?

Every poker service relies on to make money to exist. They are not charities, but companies that rely on making a profit.

All serious poker profit from the tax table (or: the rake, as it is also known). You never play against the house but against other opponents. Unlike the online casino is thus not the house that is your opponent, but your opponent around the table.

We Recommend

We have our own favorite when it comes to how we prefer to play poker. We prefer Unibet Poker when playing online poker. For more information please see this list of poker sites.

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