How to win money gambling

By using free games and free spins you can win money in online gambling without risking any of your own money. Here is the guide that can help you win!

We have found a way to increase the probability that you can win money online, without having to invest a single penny. (hint can be found at the bottom of this article).

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How to win money?

Do you want to win money gambling online? Then you need One or bothof these:

  • Luck
  • Skills

Gambling can thus be divided into the following three categories:

  • Random Play (pure game of chance)
  • Skill Games (such as. poker)
  • A combination of these two (eg. betting)

Skill Games

Result in a game of skill dependent as the name implies your Skills. No gambling can guarantee you win, but if you have very good skills, you will be almost guaranteed to win money in the long run. Even the world's best poker players can have a bad poker night, but over time they will be able to consistently win money (if they not only play with the world elite in poker). In the skill game you must therefore find motstadere who are poorer than you, they smash as often as you can and you will make money.

Examples of skill games to win money is Poker and Backgammon.


Unlike skill game, you need no special skills in games of chance. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. All strategies are usually as good or bad in games of chance, and those who choose to believe otherwise choose mostly just fooling themselves. Chance is thus a lucky game where luck is what it takes to win. They also called for chance games as there are only pure Chance that determine the outcome of the game.

Examples of games of chance are Slots, Roulette and Lotto.

Gambling where both skill and chance count

Some gambling lies at the intersection of games of chance and skill. These games tend to have the best of both worlds: You have the big winning opportunities as well as the uncertainty and thrill known from games of chance. At the same time, you can help to influence the result through your skills, giving you a feeling of having more control over the result.

Examples of gaming where both luck and skill play a role is Betting and Blackjack.

Luck and skill - a part of life

Gambling is for many an activity which gives life a new dimension. One should remember that the coincidence is a dominant factor in life, but also that our skills are involved in influencing the direction in life. This parallel can be seen in gaming.

Research has shown the following:

  • Skill Games is preferred by people who feel they have control over their lives, and who think they have the skills to master all the challenges of life. This group has a propensity for gambling like poker, and they do stock trading or any other trading. Balck Jack and betting is like hobbies for these people.
  • Random Games is preferred by people who understand the importance of coincidences actually have in our lives. Slot machines, roulette, lotto and scratch cards are typical favorite games.

It is a myth that skill game favored by smart people, and stupid people prefer games of chance.

Chance in life is perhaps much more important than many people think. Slot machines, lottery and other pure game of chance can be seen as a reflection of these vagaries, and for many, participation in these games pure meditation, and some may be considered games of chance like the parody of life.

Skill Games reminds us how our abilities influences our choices and how they in turn controls our lives. Skill games can be enjoyed as a form of puzzles, or you can choose to look at it from a deeper perspective where, for example, draws parallels to other life decisions and consequences.

It is therefore elements of gambling that is also very prominent in our lives. With some perspective and insight can laugh at the ugliest losses, as well as seeing the tragedy in winning a lot of money.

Gambling provides excitement and superficial entertainment, not to mention the opportunity to win a lot of money. But perhaps more important than all this is the less obvious elements of gambling: irony, sarcasm, comedy and all the parallels that exist between gambling and everything else in our lives.

Entertainment Value

With the exception of skilled poker players and professional gamblers and, all money spent on gambling is seen as a cost for entertainment.

Consider playing as a cost, in line with a cinema ticket or other entertainment. Thus, you are a winner no matter if the entertainment itself was good enough. If you win money car is just a bonus. For most people this is the best and safest way to look at gaming.

If you play a game online tonight it be possible to run away with a jackpot of several million U.S. dollars. It is quite possible, but how likely is that? If it was likely that at least you got to win some and you do not have to risk your own money, you'd be well done? This possibility has to actually now see the details below.

Coincidences and probabilities

Life consists of coincidences, but can also be considered in terms of probabilities.

As you know it is just a mikroskopsik probability of winning EuroLottoy. However, you also know that you have to participate for the chance to win. If you play with some specific numbers reaching the life, increase the probability of winning, but the probabilities that you will win the grand prize is still microscopic.

However, there are other things you can do with much greater probability of winning, without even risking their own money:

Using the contemporary life of our Free spins bonuses you will have many chances to win money without spending your own money. If you go systematically through this list, you will have a relatively good chance of winning money and it totally risk free!

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