Gambling addiction

Do you have a gambling problem or suspect that you might be a compulsive gambler? Here are tips to prevent spilleavhengihet well as help those who already have problems with gambling.

To combat problem gambling by trying to win back the lost is that combat alcoholism by drinking more. For gamblers are playing as an escape from reality. The solution to problem gambling is really not trying to win back lost money.

You play too much?

A good tip is to call your gamblers addicted foundation in your country (the name can be different so we are not naming any spesific foundation. Do a google search).

You can also visit the Helpguide if you want more information on gambling addiction.

Play wit rules in gambling

We have set up some play wit rules for safe travel in the online casino jungle. Use these tips and you are better equipped to be able to enjoy gaming and preventing undesirable gaming behavior.

Problem gambling is really not funny and it comes to setting boundaries in good time before finally standing in the midst of a difficult situation.

Play safely in online casinos

Here are some checkpoints that can help you make safer online casino and gambling online.

  1. Gambling problems? Do not play! Call either the helpline if you find it difficult to refrain from gambling.
  2. Gambling debts? Make up the debt, and in the meantime you should abstain from gambling and keep you away from all forms of gambling and speculation. Do you need debt counseling perhaps?
  3. Are you broke? Do not play with money you can not! An alternative if you do not have money and do not have problems with gambling is play with free spins only.
  4. Money and want to play gambling games online? Understanding risk in most casino games, you will sooner or later run at a loss unless you are lucky and win a big prize. Choose a safe online casino from our list and you are guaranteed to play at a reputable and recognized player.
  5. Need more money to gamble? Remember first: Do not play with money you can not, do not loan money to play, and not play with money that was intended necessities. Ok? Then you can use that case our exclusive casino bonuses.
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