Guide to forex trading

What is important to think about when to work from home with currency trading? Here are some experiences that certainly is interesting to others who also want to work with foreign exchange trading from home.

Want to start trading now?

We will start this guide with some important Forex words and terminology.

Here is a mini-dictionary with some basic concepts that it is beneficial to understand before setting off to trade the currency.

  • Base Currency - the first currency in the currency pair. For example USDEUR (USD and EUR). U.S. dollars are in the base currency.
  • Forex (Foreign Exchange) an the English term for the trading of currencies, foreign exchange trading. Forex market is referred to in English as "forex market".
  • Shifting is to invest more than equity. For example, you can invest NOK 1,000 from equity and borrow four times that amount, so you've invested 4,000 million. This is 1:4 gearing. Also called "leverage" in English.
  • Limits are limitations you can put into commercial application. For example, you can set parameters for stop limit (or "stop loss" / "stop loss" as it is called) - here to set a limit on how much you are willing to lose, and if your investment meets this level will be sold automatically. You can do the same if profits, meaning that you set a level where your position is sold.
  • Exchange is the price of one currency expressed as the price of a currency. For example, if GBPUSD is 6.2410, there is a number on how many probably takes for advice to 1 USD.
  • Power Broker is the service you use to trade foreign exchange or any other financial instruments online. Also referred to as foreign exchange brokers if they have specialized in foreign exchange trading.

Currency pairs

Some currency pairs are better than others for trading. Liquidity is rarely a problem in the currency market, even for extremely large trades. However, there are differences in volitalitet and predictability of the various currency pairs.

It is not uncommon for traders specializing in a particular currency pair. Specialization is often what it takes to succeed in the foreign exchange market. Nobody can be the best at everything. If you clothes to beat the foreign exchange market in a particular area, it is enough to be rich.

Currency trading offers so many opportunities. There are a horde of currency pairs.

You decide over their own working hours, and it is ultimately your effort determines how much money you will earn (or lose). It gives freedom, but also responsibility for their own time.

It is not very easy to achieve a life where you can work from home (or from wherever you want, at the cottage or sailboat maybe!). The good news is that it's possible. Efficiency and discipline are key, and luckily, this is something you can learn. It 's more of a habit than anything else.

Forex traders can be their own boss

Trick to prioritizing is essential if you are to succeed on their own. It requires discipline, one must do something more important, but less fun to do at the time. Such situations occur frequently and without discipline you will never succeed as own boss.

Not believe that to be their own boss means you have no boss. You must now head of yourself, and it is not always easy. Ever one might wish they had a strict boss in a commanding way of telling you what you should do.

Working as independent are in fact extremely difficult if you lack the ability to command himself. It's again about priorities: to select the most important.

Quit your job and start as a trader - good/bad idea?

It's probably not a good idea to quit your job right away. At least if you have a good job that you feel comfortable in and that it can be difficult to find the equivalent. Wait rather little to terminate the job and see how it goes.

Do not have a job is what no problem, or if you have a job that can easily be replaced, it may still room for you to quit your job and start experimenting with trading full time. It is the case that the more time you invest in practicing with trading the better you will be to make profitable decisions.

The emotions and everyday life of a forex trader

It has been told that life as a forex trader is stressful. Those who have claimed this is rarely successful traders themselves.

Stress is a sign of weakness, and a professional trader knows how to keep your emotions at bay when they operate in the market. Everyone knows that stress is dangerous. Not as many traders have reflected on how devastating stress can be the trader no.

You are about to lose 340,000 million, yes - it has taken a wrong decision, and you have to think rationally: What can you do now to minimize further loss? That is how a trader should think.

Life as a trader is good and very luxurious. That is, if they are successful and have control over the trading. One can be so emotional one only when no trader, but when decisions are made or when one observes the markets, be icy. As trader 's emotions banned at work.

A professional trader does not jump to the ceiling and celebrate the gains and settles down not to cry when you have lost money.

Pros think: how can I use my trading capital to earn even more money. The remaining cash reserves (equity which are not used for trading) can very well have a different relationship with, but money allocated trading must take good care of.

Maximize profit, minimize losses - that is the art if trading.

If you think you have what it takes to succeed in being your own boss and work from home, go on! All you need to start with foreign exchange trading, and trading is a little time. You can start with a demo account and play money, or possibly use small amounts at first. As you master trader no better you can start shopping for larger amounts.

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