Betsafe has an extremely good online casino, and like some other gaming companies mentioned here they also offer poker and sports betting services (Betsafe also offers odds and livebet).

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Established in 2006
Online Casino: NetEntertainment
Downloadable casino: Microgaming

Betsafe is a good online casino

Why should you choose Betsafe over another decent online casino? All online casino that appears in the menu listing in our site should be very good, but what makes Betsafe so competitive in the online casino market?

Betsafe is definitely a good place to play, but what they are best at? We assumes that you want to play where you get the most bang for play money, both in terms of entertainment value as well as profit opportunities.

Before we proceed with our review, we want to make a small remark regarding all fake casino reviews found elsewhere on the internet:

Beware of tulle - reviews of online casino

There are plenty of fictional reviews of online casino on the internet like roses one casino after another into the clouds completely uncritical. Do you read casino reviews online you will often see that almost all online casino is a " leader " and " one of the best casino on the market"... Not so here in the yard!

Many casino reviews you read are written by people who have not even tried online casino. It is absurd, but this has been.

We have become very familiar with all the this beautiful online casino. To communicate our preferences and put my finger on why we think just one particular casino is better, however, not always so easy. Betsafe is a favorite and we will try to elaborate on why we prefer this game company.

Let us now have a look at all the benefits of Betsafe.

Advantages of Playing at Betsafe

Firstly, it is easy to create an account here. You do not go through a paper mill before you can begin to use Betsafe. Playing accounts are of course free to create, register and get a free player account at Betsafe, on this page you get the best bonus conditions Betsafe offers.

What Betsafe else that makes the unique and well worth trying?They have everything expected of a top class online casino: Easy navigation, customer friendly and fast support when needed, a diverse range of games and great winning opportunities with both large and small rewards.

Competitive advantage to Betsafe online casino is their casino structure in 3 parts: They offer Casino Black, Red Casino and Live Casino. The difference between these three types?

  • Red and Black?? Casino Red played directly in your browser, and Casino Black is a downloadable application that provides better sound and an even more impressive gaming experience, we say.
  • Want more realism? A Live Casino is sort of like being in a real casino, with the difference that you as a player and dealer each sitting in front of your screen and you get the dealer on webcam. Playing Live casino at Betsafe is very interesting. This gives you a totally different gaming experience and is well worth trying.

We have good experience with Betsafe and they deserve a mention that really conveys the good playing experience and why they have so many satisfied customers. It's not easy to describe what makes Betsafe. They have the X- factor and a fantastic gaming experience that is a bit difficult for us describe in words.

Those interested in more than just casino games should at least choose Betsafe. For odds and livebet you will find no better option, this is a winner of rank in betting online. They have the largest selection and according to our experience and other players' experiences by far the best on withdrawing money, anyone who has tipped a little know how important this can be. Fast withdrawal is simply no of course, often have to wait far above what can be considered acceptable, but at Betsafe goes very quickly every time.

Betsafe has everything a gambler requires to online gambling. Their online casino looks good with a good playing experience and nice support and everything else you would expect from a serious online casino, but what is the real competitive advantage Betsafe?

If we had to choose just one word to describe Betsafe had to be this: Hassle free.

Everything works as it should, and that's the main thing. They are also on a par with all other casino games when it comes to options, bonuses, graphics and gameplay. Therefore, there is every reason to try in this game company.

Disadvantage of Betsafe?We can not think of a single thing, for our part, it is entirely positive experiences. The only thing they lack is well bingo, but it 's not exactly vital. Otherwise, if you also want to play bingo is the possible to create accounts with other gaming companies as well, it 's not illegal to have many betting accounts...

Conclusion: Betsafe is a safe choice

Our conclusion is therefore that Betsafe offers a cracking good game offerings, and for those who play an active online is simply stupid not to create an account here first as last.

Reviews of Betsafe

Here are comments and reviews of "Betsafe" posted by real casino players.


Great online casino. Beautiful slots with good selection of games. Deposits and withdrawals with my credit card is very easy and fast. Recommended!

Betsafe player

First deposit bonus is very good, and in fact bonus conditions are resonable. Great site to play at.

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