NETELLER is a payment solution that makes it easy to transfer funds to and from online casinos. With your Neteller account will be extra inexpensive and even easier to play online casino.

Neteller is a completely secure way to send and receive money electronically over the Internet, and is often used by players all over the world to send money from their bank account to foreign game companies.

Almost all online casino supports Neteller, at least, this payment solution provided by all of the Online Casino is referred to from our website.

How to transfer money with Neteller:

There are several ways to do transfer money to and from online casinos from any country (yes, any country, including your country too), we recommend that you transfer money directly from your bank account or use an e-wallet if you want to protect private information. You can also transfer money from Neteller and back to your bank account. Another way to transfer money from Neteller is via a debit card, and then you can withdraw money in any ATM.

Another way to transmit from Neteller is by check, this takes somewhat longer (up to 1-2 weeks and entails costs in the bank), then the check is not advisable in connection with the use of Neteller.

Advantage of using Neteller when you play at online casino:

Transfer from you to the online casino will be so much easier. Due to regulations in some countries, it is often difficult to transfer directly from your credit card to an online casino, but with Neteller is not a problem. Moreover, there are often many benefits that are given only to customers who use Neteller, including extraordinary bonuses, and when you win money so you can gain right at the account without having to wait long.

To open a NETeller account:

Anyone can open a Neteller account for free, and it's very easy. Probably so easy that you do not need a further explanation here from us. Just follow the link to the Neteller website (see below) and you will be guided from there.

Placing money into Neteller:

It is not difficult to put money into your NETELLER. Easiest way is to use the card (VISA or MasterCard), this is recommended, but other options exist - see more information about this on the homepage of Neteller.

Click here to create an account with Neteller

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