Deposits and withdrawals: Payment and transfer of money from online casinos

Tips on deposits and withdrawals of funds from your bank account, credit card or ewallet. Anything you need to know about transfer of money to and from online casinos.

NetEller is the best way to pay and recieve money from online casinos.

What payment solution that is best used in an online casino depends on the player's needs. However, it is a decent option to use their e -wallet. This is a kind of intermediary between the bank and the online casino.

E-wallet benefits

Benefits of using an e -wallet are numerous:

  • Privacy - you can anonymize where your money goes, some countries authorities have anyway no reason to sniff in which online casino you transfer money, even if they have the right and permission to do so. With an e -wallet that intermediaries do they not know how to transfer money. The only information they get is the deposits and withdrawals you have between your bank account and your e -wallet.
  • Safer. You do not enter your credit card information for online casino. It's smart to be a bit restrictive on this, you never know when an online casino, online store or any other business can be stolen credit information. With an e -wallet you do not have to hand your credit card info wherever you play.
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals. A bank transfer to online casino takes usually several days and up to a few weeks in most cases just over. With an e -wallet, you can make deposits and withdrawals of money from online casino quickly, and the money is in your e -wallet account after 1-2 days. Deposits and withdrawals between e -wallet and bank account / credit also goes very quickly.
  • Easier. An e -wallet makes it easier to transfer money to your casino. Less information to enter each time, and it's easy to keep track.

Choose the right solution for payment in online casino

The most widely used e -wallet is NETeller (Click to read our description of the service).

Other e -wallets and other payment services exist, but if we are going to talk straight from the liver so you honestly no other service. They are best for this purpose, inexpensive and safe to use.

It is easy to create an e -wallet account. If you want to use NETeller you can go directly to the page to create a new account (free to open an account):

Create your free NetEller e-wallet

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